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Duramax for sale

Duramax for sale

duramax for sale

It goes without saying that trucks and other big vehicles are in need of powerful and reliable engines. It is their reliability and ability to run when the weather is tough and the territory is unknown and unfriendly that matters. Duramax is one of the engines that can be trusted. 2001 was the year when the first duramax engine was produced. DMAX (a joint venture between GM and Isuzu) was the company that created this engine. The displacement of the first duramax engine was 6.6 liters. This engine was created to be used on vans, medium duty vehicles, Chevrolet pickup trucks and GMC vehicles. At present you can easily find duramax on the market. There exist certain modifications of duramax engines i.e LML, LMM, LBZ, LLY, LB7.

The knowledge of the engine modification is important if you are willing to find a duramax as, clearly, not every car will run flawlessly on any duramax engine. 2004 was the last year when LB7s were produced. This model has gained significant popularity because its design is simple and fuel consumption is moderate. LB7 was later replaced by LLY that used a high pressure common rail direct injection system. Chevrolet Silverado HD, Hummer H1 and GMC Sierra HD were the vehicles with this engine installed. LBZ came after LLY and was characterized by power and torque increase. LML is the newest modification with decrease in emissions.

Duramax engine has proven to provide excellent performance. With the powerful LBZ engine trucks drive fast and efficiently. According to a recent survey duramax engine has been voted no.1 in performance and power, no. 2 in reliability and no. 3 in fuel consumption. The same survey has claimed that 819 out of 990 people planning to buy an engine would prefer a Duramax to other engines. Duramax is also known for its highly reliable and long-running Allison transmission.

As the prices for gasoline and diesel are continually rising the ways to save money are being figured out. Synthetics is said to be a good way out for duramax engine. The duramax engine will run 25,000 miles yearly if you use synthetic heavy duty diesel oil and an oil filter.

Another tendency is an attempt to avoid engine repairs that are definitely expensive. If you install turbo boost gauges e.g. ISSPRO EV2 Turbo Boost Gauge 0-30PSI you will get the opportunity to monitor the duramax engine in the process of driving a car. Thus you will definitely know if there is a problem with your engine and will be able to fix it before it causes serious damages.

Duramax engines have gained great popularity. Though the demand for this engine is high the prices remain reasonable. If you browse the Internet you will surely see that there exist a number of online retailers that supply Duramax engines and can be of assistance if you are looking for a duramax for sale.

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